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Business and Other Litigation

Sometimes, people simply disagree. Disputes can be over contracts, money, rights or even fairness. Since businesses are run by people, it follows that businesses run into disputes because of disagreements.

Whether you find yourself in a fight, your business has an internal problem (partners or co-owners in disagreement) or an external problem (with vendors or the company has been sued), we can help.

At Newkirk Law Office, we can handle disputes involving contracts, leases, collections, business dissolution, business property disputes and many other matters.

Because we know what it means to run a business and what a distraction a dispute can be, we try to follow these guidelines:

  • Get to the point. Our goal is to identify the real issues, develop a plan of action and execute it.
  • Stay within budget. We know you are not made of money and that litigation is expensive. We have many budgeting options available which can help you manage the costs of litigation.
  • Stay focused. We do not want the dispute to take over your business or personal life.
  • Look for options. Court is not the only way to get a resolution. If mediation or arbitration are more cost effective, we will examine the options and advise you of the best way to proceed.

Whether the problem is personal or business-related, at Newkirk Law Office we try to advocate our client’s position while keeping in mind the cost (in time and money) of achieving the client’s objectives. We want you to understand the issues, risks and costs of litigation so you can make informed choices that make sense for you and your business.