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Medical Malpractice

Medical treatment can lead to bad results. Sometimes the bad result is the fault of the doctor and is called medical malpractice. Other times, a bad result is caused by a drug or medical device (like a hip implant or pacemaker) and may be a case against the manufacturer. Both of these situations can involve tremendous pain or prolonged recovery and be devastating to a patient and their family.

But… just because you have had a bad result, it doesn’t mean you should sue the doctor or manufacturer or that you can win a case against either the doctor or manufacturer.

At Newkirk Law Office, we take the time to carefully evaluate medical malpractice and defective medical product cases. Very often, we advise potential clients that their case does not make economic good sense.

Why would we tell you the economics do not work, even if there is malpractice?

Because medical malpractice and defective medical products cases are very expensive to take to trial, often costing $100,000 or more. So, before we advise you to go forward, we try to make sure the case can be won and that you will benefit from a trial, not just the attorneys and expert witnesses. We have a Registered Nurse on staff and have developed a network of physicians to assist in evaluating cases. If we accept your case for representation, it is because we feel confident in both the merit of your case and potential value. Even if we decline representation, we typically advise potential clients of the reasons for the decision.