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Personal Injury

Injuries can happen anywhere, anytime and, usually, at the worst time for you. When an accident happens or you are injured, it might immediately change your life and could permanently change how you enjoy the life you have worked hard to create.

By the time you read this, you may have already gotten dozens of letters from lawyers who say they want to represent you. They probably want your case as much as the lawyers on TV, but do you need a lawyer?

Do you need help from an attorney?

Yes. Insurance companies have highly trained adjusters working for them as soon as an accident is reported. What you say to an adjuster – when the adjuster is being very friendly to you – can affect your claim or case, usually in a bad way. Remember, the adjuster works for an insurance company and his or her job is to pay you as little as possible to make your case go away. YOU SHOULD NOT TALK TO THEM BEFORE YOU TALK TO AN ATTORNEY!


If you accept money and sign a release for your injuries before having an experienced Personal Injury lawyer review your claim, you COULD:

- Lose your right to get more money;
- Settle for less than your case is worth.

No amount of money is worth what you are going through, but money is the only thing the court system can use to make your situation right. At Newkirk Law Office, we want to hold the other party responsible and make sure you are not left holding the financial bag, now and in the future, because you were injured.

How do I pick the right lawyer?

Like any other hiring choice you make (doctor, dentist, mechanic), you should be comfortable with your lawyer. After all, because Personal Injury lawyers work on a contingency fee (only getting paid when you do), the lawyer is really more like a partner in your case. We both benefit by a better result.

So, how do you choose?

- Ask friends and neighbors about their experiences.
- Ask other non-Personal Injury lawyers for a referral.
- Ask questions!! Has the lawyer handled similar cases? How many? How successfully?
- How many cases is the lawyer or firm handling now?
- Will the attorney go to trial on your case, if necessary?

Why should you choose Newkirk Law Office?

- Experience. Robert Newkirk has more than 20 years experience with injury cases of all kinds. We have the resources we need to develop your case before and after filing a lawsuit.

- Personal Service. Attorneys who send letters after an accident and especially lawyers who advertize on TV often handle hundreds of cases. This may sound like a benefit, but these lawyers typically use paralegals to manage all those cases. At Newkirk Law Office, I am the manager of your case, assisted by my staff. When you call or email, you either get me or the same paralegal who you talked to last time you called.

- Honest Analysis and Answers. Some lawyers or firms settle every case and the insurance companies know this, so they will offer less to the lawyer that always settles. At Newkirk Law Office, we can and will file a lawsuit when the offers are just not reasonable. While most cases will settle without filing a lawsuit, if filing is necessary, I guide you throughout the process by explaining the risks and benefits of each step of litigation. Sometimes, settlement at a lower number is the same net payment to you as a higher trial verdict and I will tell you when this is the case.