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Small Business Counseling

So, you have had the next great million dollar idea! Congratulations! Now what? How do you protect it? How do you protect yourself?

The cheapest insurance you can buy for your personal assets may be the corporation you establish for your business.

At Newkirk Law Office, we provide practical, personal guidance through the many choices you will have to make, like:

  • Do I use a corporation, LLC, partnership?
  • Do I need to register or copyright anything?
  • Do I need insurance? If so, what kind?

At every initial business formation meeting, we take the time to advise you on how to stay in compliance with State and Federal regulations. We discuss who you should have as part of your support team and what kind of insurance you should consider. We want you to understand why you set up a corporation and how to keep the protection in place as you begin operation. Can an internet site do that for you?

Once you are up and running, we are available to help with day-to-day legal issues like collections, regulatory compliance or contracts. We can also help when the inevitable business dispute arises and you need a negotiator, when negotiation fails and alternative dispute resolution (like mediation or arbitration) is needed or if litigation has begun.

We are also available to help you decide business succession options, corporate dissolution or the wind down or sale of your business.

We like you to think of us as your outside general counsel. We can work with you on payment plans that make our involvement in your business an asset that you will want to keep.