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Few of us are comfortable thinking about our own death and even fewer can easily talk about it, especially to a lawyer. The problem is that poor Estate planning usually leaves a big mess for the same loved ones you want to protect.

Estate planning does force you to think about what happens after you leave this Earth, but it does not have to be painful. After all, you are just doing what you have always done – organizing things to make it easier for your family.

At Newkirk Law Office, we can help with simple Estate plans. We try, as best we can, to make the process comfortable and convenient, often involving only a single visit to our office. Where a client needs specialized service, like a Medicare Trust, we typically refer clients with these needs to our network of attorneys who specialize in complex Estate planning work.

When do I need a will?

As soon as you start accumulating “stuff”, like a house or retirement account. If you are single, you may want to make a plan to distribute property in a way different from the way North Carolina Statutes does it. If you are single again, you probably want to change the plan that gave property to your ex-spouse. If you have children, you probably want to be the one to name their Guardians, instead of a Judge.

The bottom line is this: at any stage of life it is a good idea to have a Will. Let Newkirk Law Office help you put an Estate plan in place that makes sense for you and your budget.