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Distracted Driving: How Dangerous Are Cell Phones, Really?
Posted on 12.19.11 by Newkirk Law Office

(Excerpt from article written by Mark L. Steinberg) "Since the mobile explosion that has occurred across America over the past decade, nearly everyone has a cell phone. The way people communicate has changed, and the largest difference can be attributed to text messaging. While this may have made communication more effective in our daily lives, it may have also made it more hazardous - at least according to personal injury attorneys and political pundits that point to the increase in cell phone related automobile accidents. While texting-related crashes may have gone up in the past few years, it's hard to say whether cell phones themselves are responsible for the blame. ...

What Are Staged Accidents And Are Lawsuit Loans And Settlement Loans Available In Such Cases?
Posted on 12.19.11 by Newkirk Law Office

(Excerpt from article written by Dr. Tom Rhudy) "As we look at the horizon, we realize that there are a huge number of auto accidents that occur each and every year. The vast majority of them, without any doubt whatsoever, are accidents that occur as result of inattentiveness. However, there are some that take place that are referred to as "staged" accidents. In fact, these are not accidents at all. They are incidents in which an individual will engage in some activity while behind the wheel of a vehicle to cause an accident with another vehicle. This would be an instance in which even if individuals were to ...